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2281 Fellowship Road;
Tucker, Georgia;
Phone: (770) 491-3727
Hours: Closed Monday
Tuesday thru Saturday
10:00 am to 6:00 pm
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Holistic Foods

Tucker Pet Supply carries only the best for your best buddy. We research all our foods and treats to ensure that producers follow the highest guidelines for food production. We are proud to carry a wide variety of dry food, raw food and canned food. And our treats are second to none.

Benefits of Holistic Diet

Did you know that about ten percent of all pets have food allergies? There is multitude of information about various foods that your pet can be allergic to, which is why Tucker Pet Supply carries a variety of Limited Ingredient and Raw Dog and Cat Food.

Wonderful holistic food


Tucker Pet Supply knows that your little buddy may not be getting everything he needs from the food he gets. So we offer a wide variety of supplements to help with various issues. Ask one of our trained sales associates for help.

Vets Recommend

Did you know most nutritionists recommend supplements for dogs and cats? Production of kibble foods destroys some of the nutrients involved in the food's ingredients. A company cannot possibly produce food that fulfills all your pet's needs. That is why we have a large assortment of supplements, like glucosamine, prebiotics and probiotics, omega3 and fish oil, to name just a few.

Salmon and Sardine Oil


Are you the kind of person that has trouble walking past the toy section without thinking about how that toy would look in your dog's mouth? Well, we can fix you up. We have a wide variety of dog toys and cat toys to turn your buddy on. We also have a fine assortment of leashes, collars, and outer ware to dress your baby up for that casual walk around town or to the dog park. And last but certainly not least, we have a vast assortment of teddy tees for Mom and Dad. Wearing a Teddy the Dog t-shirt just makes you feel good.

No Pull Leashes

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Teddy the dog tee shirts

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in a Teddy tee.

We are a Small Independent Business

To sum it up. We don't have other locations. We are locally based and homegrown. We believe in supporting the local economy. We carry locally produced products. We contribute food to the local pet charities like Furkids and the Chow Jack Russell Rescue. We believe every pet deserves healthy food. Give us a try. You won't be disappointed.