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Herbal Remedies

Tucker Pet Supply has some of the best wellness products from some of the best companies around. We are now happy to carry products containing CBD oil, as well as great products from the following manufacturers:

CBD oil

Wow! Far out, Man.

Healthfood for your dog

This is much better
than a shot.

And we have products from many other manufacturers. Let's face it, allergies and other issues can drive any responsible pet owner out of their minds. Even veterinarians have arguments about the best way to resolve a lot of these issues. Some veterinarians are more than happy to let you pump your baby full of steroids. Most vets are not of that school any more, but some are.

We prefer a more natural course of action. Herbs like milk thistle can help the liver. Raw food can help with urinary tract problems. Raw honey can work great for allergies.

Of course, we always encourage you to listen to your veterinarian. They have a much better idea of how to get your pet feeling better than we do.