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Corrinas Corner

Corrina's Corner, Yummm—mee!

Raw Food

We offer several types of raw diet for dogs and cats.

For dogs

For Cats

*Locally Produced

We are always looking for new raw foods. So, you need to stop by and see what we have. If you have a food you want us to order, we will. For the benefits of a raw diet, see our Dietary Information Section on our About page.

Freeze Dried Food

Freeze Dried foods provide the benefits of a raw diet with the convenience of a dry food diet. You just put it in a bowl with some water, let it re-hydrate for a few minutes, and you are good to go. We carry the following brands.

We request that you let us know ahead of time, when ordering Honest Kitchen, since the shelf life is not that great.

Canned Foods

Tucker Pet Supply offers some of the best canned foods on the market. Canned food like any other food is only as good as it is made. We do the best we can to find out where a company sources its food and hopefully how strict the guidelines are for production. We offer the following brands:

Can food for cats

Dry Food

We are pleased to offer some of the highest quality and economical dry foods on the market today.

For Dogs

For Cats

Holistic cat food

Kibble! I need RAW!

To Sum It Up

We are always looking out for the best food for you and your pet. If we don’t have it, we will order it. Just ask. We are always looking for new products.